Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Card Catalog Chair

This was a collaborative effort with Lucy Valena, owner of Voltage Coffee and Art in Kendall Square. That's her actual vintage card catalog, aka the Sugar Bar, reproduced on cotton/linen fabric.  We thought it would be a great mess-with-your-mind to have hard next to soft, looking the same.

If you're visiting this blog because you saw this chair, yes - it's true! Anything can go on a chair.  See below for other projects we've done. Every one is different and fantastic in its own way, especially our next one.  If you've recently patented a cell line, say, or won the Dreyfus Prize, just think - you could celebrate your elegant work with a chair.  Email your inquiries to holly@re-furnish.com.


 And the view from the street.

Some process...

Photoshopping some options.  Full-pattern treatment was the obvious winner.  Note that the fabric looked better laid out differently on the real chair (we're meticulous).